Thursday, May 6, 2010

Silly Superheroes

I had a completely different agenda in mind today, but when I started my image search to support my intended content, I came face-to-face with some really ridiculous pics. I started laughing. What a way to ruin a good depression. Crushing. Really.

Most of you know this guy, but maybe not the clothes. It's an adaptation of the classic Alex Ross painting of Clark Kent changing to Superman. The kind of transformation that sends a chill down the spine of every kid who's ever watched Clark rip open his shirt and expose his big red "S" to the light of day. Adventure is about to happen.

Actually, Ms. Magazine did the image first, I think, but instead of a big "O" under his shirt, Obama's t-shirt said "This is what a Feminist looks like." As I recall, it started something of a stir in feminist circles, as a male had never been featured on the cover of Ms. Magazine before.

Nevertheless, at least in the early days, Obama was touted as everything from Superman to Jesus Christ, come to save the world and to give everyone everything they want. He'd heal the nation from the sins of the evil Lex Luthor, as played to the villainous hilt by George W. Bush.

Our hero, in full costume, hasn't behaved very must like our Silver Age comic heroes, who were scrupulously clean and unflawed and has behaved more like the latter day comic heroes, able to screw up and stub their toes like the rest of us...except they break the sidewalk when they do it.

When I saw the following, I couldn't resist playing the other side of the coin and presenting a fantasy image of Palin as "Super Tea Party Girl", just for giggles. She has about as much chance of running the nation as Batman has of being elected President of the Optimists Club, but she makes a fun target. So does Obama, for that matter, not because he's Super good or Super bad, but just because he decided to run for the office of the President of the United States and won. That's pretty much like putting a big, red "S" on your chest and going out in public. People are going to test just how Super you really are.

Most people arent super...but they can be funny, especially politicians. They make me laugh.


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