Sunday, May 23, 2010

Metamorphing 2

Wasn't satisfied with the drawing I did last night. Lots wrong with it, but particularly the face. I don't want the eyes to look too much like goggles, although that's what they're designed on. Decided a more shadowed and indistinct impression of how they "attached" to the rest of the face was in order.

Also, the "mouth" should rarely be seen, which is why I have shadowed the nose/mouth area. He should appear more "blank". This morning's effort (and what am I doing up so early?) is more like it. Still need to think of how to change the body. I have the hands and feet clearly in my mind, but not really the rest of him.

Oh, and I'm conceptualizing his female "counterpart" as well, but that's for a later time.

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