Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kitty, Kitty

Came across an old story posted on while The Dark Knight was still in production. It's probably wrong, but the artist's rendition of Catwoman was interesting enough to get my attention.

While rumors for the next Batman film continue to report that Johnny Depp will make an appearance as the Riddler, nothing is set in stone. Other rumors suggest Angelina Jolie taking on the Caped Crusader as Catwoman, but the role would have to significantly recover from the damage done by the disappointing 2004 Catwoman film.

Perhaps this is proof that Batman's villains are only compelling when in the same movie (or comic book) as Batman. Even Heath Ledger's Joker said of Batman, "You complete me."

Thought I'd just share some musings on the topic as well as the image that started me thinking in this direction. 2012 is still some fair distance away. Anything's possible when it's a rumor.


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