Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Fantasies

Who do you want to be when you grow up...uh, that is, who do you want to be for Halloween? I guess I should ask, what sort of costume do you want to have for Halloween? If you're into the superhero, science fiction, or fantasy genres, chances are, who you'd like to be would look totally lame in real life. Let's face it, unless you've hit Gold's Gym every day for the past ten years and have been a food nazi about your diet for the same amount of time, your body isn't perfect. That means you're going to have some bulges and lumps in that skin tight superhero costume where you don't want to have them.

That said, this is a blog about fantasies and dreams, not real life. Here, you can be anything and do anything. Here's my wish list for Halloween costumes. Don't worry. All of them are fantasies. No way I could pull this off in reality.


No, I don't mean the modern incarnations of the Man of Steel. I want to dress up as the old George Reeves Superman. Here's the trick. I want to do it in black and white. I once saw a photo of a group of Santa Clauses on parade. All of them were in color except one, who was totally black and white. Naturally I thought it was PhotoShopped, but then I found out the actor dressed in a graytone costume and had her (yeah, a thin, hot, female Santa) skin painted. She looked completely like a black and white photo but the color was real. That's how I'd like to show up as the Last Son of Superman in film noir.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is one of the lesser known Marvel superheroes but I think he's completely underrated. For one thing, the guy has three different identities, actually four including his hero persona (rich guy, cab driver, mercenary, and Moon Knight). Not only that, but he's an Egyptian god's avatar on Earth, which isn't always a good thing. Yeah, it would be tough to pull off a totally white costume as an "avenger-by-night" (and not look like a Klan member), but the look and the identity are so totally awesome that it would be fantastic for Halloween (and remember, we're talking total fantasy, here).

The Sandman

There are so many different versions of The Sandman, but in this case, I'm talking about the 1930s alter ego of Wesley Dodds, a reclusive entrepreneur who by night, enters the realm of pulp fiction in the manner of The Shadow and the Phantom as a figure of dark mystery to fight crime and corruption in pre-World War II New York. Sure, the mask makes him look like the Elephant Man, but if you get past that, he's scary as hell if you encounter him suddenly in a dark room, he talks in mysterious riddles, and in the Sandman Mystery Theatre series, he leaves origami calling cards.

Halloween fantasies. Got one? Let's hear about it.

Oh, and should I do a Halloween fantasy costume blog post for women? Just asking.

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