Thursday, July 15, 2010

Clark Kent is Not Pretty!

Message to Christopher Nolan and anyone associated with casting an actor to play Clark Kent/Superman in the Superman: Man of Steel film reboot: Clark Kent is NOT pretty! Do not cast a model in this role. Superman looks strong and tough and even when he's dressed as Clark, he doesn't look like a 12 year old choir boy.

Do the people who make these films even read the comic books...I mean the modern ones? For cryin' out loud! Clark does not look like a caricature or a goofball. Just take a look at some of the images I'm posting from the Superman comic books and see what I mean. He looks totally tough.

Compare that to the two principle actors who have played Superman on the big screen over the past 30 years. Don't get me wrong, I really like and respect Christopher Reeve's portrayal of Superman, but, especially in the original Superman (1978) film, Clark was dressed idiotically and acted worse (of course, I thought the portrayal of Lois was totally mishandled as well, but that's a separate issue).

If the idea is for Clark not to draw any possible connection between himself and Superman, he'd act like a regular guy and would excel as a reporter. He wouldn't be stumbling all over himself, at least any more than anyone else around him would. Compare how Clark is portrayed by Reeve and Routh and then revisit the images of Clark from the comics. What an incredible difference. Don't tell me you can't find an actor who can pull this off. Christopher Bale convincingly channels both Bruce Wayne and Batman (though probably the only actor who really ever has), so you can find someone who can handle the role of Clark and Superman and still not look like a character from a 1960s cartoon.

The time to "camp up" Superman is long past. If you can create a serious Batman film, you can do the same with Superman. Do not screw this up!
If you can't handle something as simple as this, all the special effects in the CGI/3D world won't be able to save your reputation with Superman fans.

Please keep that in mind.

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