Thursday, July 28, 2011

Smallville is Dead!

I realize this is difficult for many Smallville fans to accept, but the series is over. It's over. Repeat after me: "The Smallville series has ended." Please try to accept it.

OK, OK, the Smallville Complete Series DVD Set won't be released for several months yet, but no new episodes are being made. While you will still be able to thrill to each and every telecast of the show online, on the DVDs you own, or after the complete series DVD set is released, those are old shows. Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Michael Rosenbaum, Allison Mack, and all of the other Smallville actors have moved on.

So should you.

Oh I'm not saying you can't continue to be a fan of an old TV show. I'm very fond of the original Star Trek series with Shatner and Nimoy, but I don't obsess about it on twitter or Facebook, either. I know, STTOS is decades old while Smallville died just last spring, but the principle is the same. What's dead is dead.

I've heard exactly one loose rumor on twitter about a possible "Metropolis" series, perhaps starring some of the other superheroes who originally appeared on Smallville, but I can find absolutely nothing credible on the web to say that it's even a possibility. As far as anyone can tell, there will be no Smallville spin-off. If there were, they'd have to be filming by now and news like that would be impossible to keep secret.

Face it. It's over. Clark Kent is dead. Long live Superman: Man of Steel. Starting in 2013, Henry Cavill will be the Last Son of Krypton (no, the photo isn't really Cavill in "the suit", just a photoshopped simulation).

Now please go watch a different TV show and let Welling and Co. get a well-deserved rest.

Peace, out.


  1. Henry Cavill, isn't that the skinny guy that looks like the guy on the Progressive commercial with the hair dryer?

    Seriously, Zach Snyder are you really that hard up for fans? Smallville fans refuse to be "Sucker Punched":)

    PS: That is 2013 only provided that they get to production going prior to the court order expiring.

  2. True enough on the issue with the court order, Jluke. I take it you disapprove of Cavill as the choice to play Superman. I admit, he wouldn't have been my first pick either, but I certainly hope with the successful example of the Batman films, that WB would make sure the "Man of Steel" movie doesn't suck.

    On the other hand, if Green Lantern is any example, MoS is doomed.

  3. Actually, Zach Snyder would not have been my first choice and Christopher Nolan is off working Batman.

    If the posts that I saw recently were true, MOS is off for another trip on the rewrite merry-go-round and Nolan's brother passed on doing the rewrite and it's going to Snyder choice (ARGH). Funny, as the cast is saying is one of the best that they have ever read???

    I am sorry that when you are trolling for information on the 2x4 and fake bricks that they are constructing in Illinois, you find evidence of the longest running American SCI FI TV series? What are you going to do if Smallville goes into sydication?;)

  4. What are you going to do if Smallville goes into sydication?;)

    Me? Nothing. If the show's producers can continue to make money from Smallville, they certainly will. My entire point is, based on various comments on twitter, that people need to stop acting as if their best friend died when the show ended. It had to end sometime.

  5. I completely agree with you, since I watched the show from day one to the very last day; I have a long lasting love for what it was. The insane attachment some people have is ridiculous, maybe that's why Zombies are popular - Fans today have a hard time letting go of all things dead, buried, and rotting. If Fanatics had it their way, celebrities would be in suspended animation recreating our Fan Fic for paternity, like talking heads in jars.